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Real estate has withstood the test of time, it survived global events such as wars and pandemics and is still going strong till this day. Unlike cryptocurrency, which is extremely volatile and its prices go up and down daily by the thousands, real estate rarely sees any huge pumps or dumps in price and it also follows a foreseeable chart in which prices can be estimated fairly accurately, unless great economic crisis such as the 2008 housing crisis takes place which throws all calculations out the window.

Real Estate in Comparison to Other Popular Investments

  1. Gold & Silver: In comparison to valuable metals such as gold and silver, real estate is still the safer and more solid option, here is why. It is true both these metals are as old as time and both are physical assets which may seem like a good investment at first glance, but here is where they fall short. Discovering a new mine will determine their new prices, since they lost a bit of their rarity this equates to losing value and a drop in their price.
  2. Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrencies might seem like they are the way of the future, but any sane person would know that these investments are as safe as playing poker, it's all luck.

Let us take Bitcoin for example, only less than a month ago a single bitcoin was valued over $50,000, as of the publishing of this article, it's price has dropped over $10,000, that's a 20% decrease in less than 30 days. Another reason is lack of regulations, it is unregulated in 107 countries.

Oh, and not to mention the fact that Bitcoin is LITERALLY a 'made up' currency and holds no real value., it's value comes from speculations and nothing else.

Reasons Why Real Estate is a Safe Investment

  • It's a physical asset
  • Steady appreciation over time
  • Regular cash flow
  • Low risk investment
  • Low Maintenance

Real Estate in Jordan

According to Amman's population in 2010 was around 2.5 million residents. Today Amman's population increased by almost 38% making Amman the 11th most populated city in the MENA region at over 4 million residents. What does this mean for real estate in Jordan?

It means with the rapid increase in population, real estate properties' prices will go up because of increased demand. Land will become more scarce as more people are born, with an average of 2.6 children per Jordanian family, in addition more people are moving into Amman from nearby cities for better work opportunities and lifestyles.

In short

Real estate has been and will always continue to be a safe investment and will continue to appreciate and increase in value as time passes and hisotry is witness to these claims.