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When we decide to build a new complex we destemmed many factors, but in real estate the first thing to think about is location.

There are some factors we pay attention to, like where we choose to build any building.

There’s a list of what we look for in a building site location:


  1. Grid of site
    Will there need to be a lot of dirt work to get the site ready?
    The physical characteristics of each commercial site can impact the cost of constrictions of each example a sharply sloping lot will require extra explains to level and reinforce.
  2. Load Capacity
    How much weight can the soil support?
    We study the land and soil composition which can set certain limits on the materials we can use during construction. Loose soil doesn’t provide a firm setting for foundation and rocky ground may require demolition before the build.
  3. Dimensions
    Is it big enough to hold the project?
    We need to know the dimensions of the site to figure out how much the building will be and the space around it to make sure that everything He walks according to plan
  4. Environmental Factors
    Is the site location in a flood plain or high-wind zone?
    We consider the potential environmental conditions and hazards
  5. Nearby amenities
    Any services available around the construction area?
    Restaurants, cafes, and surrounding scenery can impact the employees, so we make sure that our building's sites have enough conceit options to keep employees happy and comfortable.
  6. Brand image
    What is the best website that shows your brand?
    Because we care about your brand image we choose the perfect site where your company can start or keep evolving. We also care about the quality of all companies that will be on the site and make sure that they are compatible with the site
  7. Local laws
    Are there any laws restricting the method of construction?
    Most buildings sites will carry the same restrictions regarding the building type, such as height or certain design decisions.
  8. Other Factors
    Special features like sun exposure, which can make solar installations more effective or potential for geothermal heating and cooling.


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