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Meet Eng. Ismail Al-Saudi, chief operating officer of Al-Saudi Group, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Worked for the family company and found his passion in this field

He had a clear contribution to the development of the company and the development of new aspects accompanying the world today.

Continue reading to find out more about him.


  1. Why real estate?
    Real estate is known as one of the most important sectors of the economy. It plays a major role in balancing the economy of a country in as much as it boosts the income of people.

When we look at the world generally and Jordan in particular, we found the need to invest cash in assets to a sustainable future.
conceding that real estate is the safest and most promising investment in the era.


  1. What are you particularly passionate about in your industry?
    My satisfaction is created by providing clients with a sustainable investment. For me, I imagine how gratifying it will be to help others make smart real estate decisions, put their investment in the right place according to their needs and help them to find the perfect place for their work style by building a high-quality complex’s provide the required safety and comfort they need.
  2. How does your routine change during COVID-19?
    Our staff is our first concern all time, so we had work remotely throughout that period, and now we work as usual taking in consider prevention and public health instructions, maintaining taking space between our staff
  3. In your opinion, what distinguishes Al-Saudi real estate from other companies?


-Sustainability of the asset’s plans.
- The goodwill of the company since 1985.
- Provide the best real estate Solutions in different criteria and location.

- Keep pace with real estate development.

  1. What are your ambitions for Al-Saudi group?
    We want to become the most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive, and sustainable company in the world. And Make a difference in our country with the aspiration to make new commercial projects meet our client's needs in the best standards in proportion with the economic variables. Our goal is to deliver value growth and best-in-class performance.
  2. In your opinion, what are the most important issues in the real estate industry?

-Building materials.

-Rising rates and the economy.
-Generational change and demographics.


  1. How do you see the future of real estate in Jordan?
    For years Jordan proved that it's the perfect place to grow a subtle investment.

It's considered to be the plan that stood promising through all the changes that occurred in Jordan's financial and political history.

Nowadays we can see how great our country can stand facing hardship comparing to other countries, it's the safest.

  1. How can real estate companies in Jordan keep pace with urban development in the world?
    By providing real estate investment opportunities with high and generated returns, built with the highest standards that provide the satisfaction clients deserve and provide many options to real estate ownership methods.
  2. What’s your biggest personal achievement?
    being in my position as a COO and leading forward with the company’s legacy
  3. Any tips for new graduates?
    Stay focused, open for new ideas, and make dynamic decisions that co-op with the ultimate challenges.