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An office is more than just a room. Choosing your workplace with productivity, wellbeing, and overall happiness of employees is crucial to creating a successful environment, and employees know it.

Understand the needs of your employees, choose and design your workplace accordingly – offering the right environments for the right tasks, and equip them with the right tools to be as productive as possible.


Few important points that must be kept in mind while choosing and designing your office

  1. Location
    there are 5 location factors that are crucial to fostering a comfortable and productive workplace:
    - Proximity to home
    - Short commute times
    - Public transportation options
    - Parking options
    - Proximity to restaurants and coffee shop

  2. Space
    office space should be at an average of 5 square meters, as the minimum space required per person in an office. To accurately assess the amount of space a business needs to thrive, many variables need to be considered:
    -Amount and size of furniture or equipment
    -Estimated company growth
    -The layout of the space

  3. Design
    it is not enough to simply have room for employees. Office design is important to individual and organizational productivity. Make sure that the office’s atmosphere is designed specifically to promote productivity and positivity. Be sure you know what your employees want and need in an office setting. Also, get to know what elements are key in keeping your employees happy and healthy.

  4. Desks and chairs
    By finding the best solution for each individual (e.g., ergonomic chairs, sit-stand desks), you're investing not just in their productivity, but in their health too.

  5. Technology
    an office must be technology-oriented, where all necessary equipment, gadgets, or any related device should be well-positioned for maximum utilization and leaving a long-lasting impression over clients, visitors, and your workforce.
    The emergence of new technologies allows too much flexibility to employees, where they are capable to take their work home. Most of the tasks are performed on the laptop- therefore good for them. So, it’s good to design office in such a manner that employee could accomplish their tasks independently from any quiet corner.

  6. Nature
    Adding plants and greenery into the office provides attractive décor into your environment. Plants also improve indoor air quality, and it’s proven that they increase the happiness and wellbeing of employees.

  7. Lightning and temperature
    Temperature and lighting in the office should be such that it does not irritate the employees for that matter. Extreme temperature and bright lights might result in draining the energy of employees. Whereas controlled temperature and natural lightening will make the employees more comfortable and productive.



In Al-Saudi Real Estate development, we are more than happy to help you choose your office according to your requirements.

Whether you want to Lease or to own your office, we can provide your company with the best location, space, parking lots, and accessibility for your customers.

We are waiting for your call to help you to choose your office.

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