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Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases you'll make, you'll be spending a lot of time there with your family and friends, so you need to be sure this is the house of your dreams.


if you thinking about buying a house, this list going to help you:


  1. Budget

Buying a house is a big financial commitment. So, before you start looking for houses set your budget and stuck on it.

To find your house budget, determine the monthly payment you’ll be comfortable paying on the house and keep in mind when you looking for a house don’t take up your full budget. Because you should save some for other house requirements like moving expenses and renovations to the house if necessary

  1. Location

before you begin looking for a house, think about the environment you want to live in, you have 3 choices:

    1. City: you’ll be close to the shop’s services and Transportation. But you may hate the sacrifice space and accept more noise
    2. Suburbs: not so close but it provides to you quieter neighborhood and more space
    3. Rural: lower real estate prices, but the furthest about the services and shops
  1. Neighborhood

picked your environment? it’s time to choose the Neighborhood that you’ll be happy living in consider the following:

    1. Safety
    2. meds your needs about schools, Parks, Grocery stores … etc.
  1. Size and Floor plan

you have to think about how the new home space will be used and whether it fits your lifestyle. Because if you “for example” buy a large house when you live alone you going to have extra space but in the other hand, you’ll pay higher electricity bill’s, higher taxes and takes more furniture

  1. Inside the house

you’ve already made some big decisions in your house-buying but that’s not enough, here are few more:

    1. Style: There’s a lot of different home styles to choose from
    2. Number of bedrooms: Knowing how large home you need will help you find house fits for your needs
    3. the closet’s and storage: if you have a lot of equipment, you have to know where all of it will go in your new home.
    4. Windows and Lighting: look to the house with light and sunshine, is it accommodate your lighting needs!
    5. Other Features: Like garage, yards, kitchen size, energy efficiency and much more.


in one word when it comes to buying a new house, be realistic, take your time, don't act on impulse, and, ultimately, make a home-purchase decision that's good for both your feelings and your finances.